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Unicorn Soul Jewelry

Unicorn Soul Jewelry was created to inspire individuals to manifest their inner unicorn – their unique selves, their one of a kind magic and soul expression. Wear your Unicorn Soul bracelet as a loving, freeing, expression of your voice.

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Express your unique voice. Unicorn Soul Jewelry are a simple, yet powerful way of expressing the feelings and words inside of you. They make a statement and remind you and the world of who you are. Your self expression is your truth. At Unicorn Soul Jewelry, we revel in wearing our feelings on our sleeves. Find the ones that inspire you and those you love.

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One Word Bracelets

Custom Bracelets

Price $35

We love creating custom bracelets. Email, Subject: Custom Bracelet, for more information. For custom orders, orders must be for 50 or more bracelets.

What our customers say…


I just discovered these bracelets and I love them! – Ann H.


Inspirational and funky. – Jennifer L


OMG. These make me feel like a badass. – Martha P.


I ordered custom bracelets for my best friends and they love them! Roberta J.

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